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"Each of us must make our own true way,
and when we do, that way will express the Universe."
Suzuki Roshi

Susan's work — in all of its forms — evokes, inspires and catalyzes transformation in individuals' lives. Through the synthesis of her life experience and tapping into the deeper/universal consciousness, Susan creates environments that hold space for expansion, growth and integration to naturally occur. Seeds planted through Susan's work continue to grow and blossom over time.

Susan's life experience includes growing up in Istanbul, Turkey — absorbing and integrating cultures of East and West. She is world-traveled and has a deep appreciation for both individual uniqueness and that which connects humanity.

Susan moves fluidly between "realms." She worked in New York at the top of the World Trade Center creating a museum of Rodin sculpture. She spent 10 years working in Chicago in the corporate world with a Masters in Management from Northwestern University. The past 20 years have been dedicated to a healing, transformational journey in the Southwest; from that the path of visionary artist and soul guide has emerged.

On the journey, Susan has immersed in: experiential trainings (Insight Leadership, Hoffman Quadrinity Process, Ropes courses, wilderness vision quests, shamanic journeys, dream and shadow work); doing bodywork (massage and reiki); assisting with hospice and childbirth; ten years of leading photographic/ soul journey workshops; and most recently, producing an independent grassroots creative project to empower the presidential campaign.

In whatever form her work takes, Susan walks with people on their journeys to bring forth their unique essence, expression and dreams. She is appreciated for her gifts of listening and inquiring, remembering and connecting the dots; sharing insights and experiences; bringing to the table ideas, practical tools and resources; creating focus, clarity and steps which open the way to next levels on the path; making the invisible visible.

Hand in hand with her transformational journey, Susan has been creating evolving bodies of mythical, life-affirming photographic imagery entitled SoulScapes. SoulScapes evoke and portray the oneness and divinity of all aspects of creation. Inspiring viewers worldwide, they have been identified as "portals into consciousness."

Read about Susan's photographic credits and her SoulScapes Vision:

"Like the Renaissance period, there is a group of artists of our day who are leading the way toward a new culture. Through their images and metaphors, they are expressing new ways of thinking and being that we have not yet been able to fully articualte or embody. Susan Slotter is one of these leaders."  
Tom Callanan, The Fetzer Institute

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