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"The new humanity will be universal;
that is, it will have the artist's attitude
that the human being belongs to the
two kingdoms of nature and spirit."
Thomas Mann


SoulScapes™ are a life-work in progess, now 20 years in the making. They are interrelated bodies of mythical images that have been evolving around a common set of themes: cycle of life; birth, death and transformation; embracing the feminine; alchemical union of opposites; integrating into wholeness; bridging worlds; one connection of all things.

The first body to emerge in the 1990's was the Desert Body, set in the Four Corners southwest desert. The SoulScapes journey could be likened to a PhD dissertation: the first Desert Body being the "thesis," and the other bodies that have been developing since then — Horses, Ancient Civilizations, Serpents — elaboration on the themes. There is a strong sense of "ancient future" in this work – bridging where we have come from with where we are going.


Warrior of the Heart © 2006 Susan Slotter

This extraordinary, evolutionary work has come forward in large part through the generous support of benefactors – keeping the vision pure to its essence and developing in its own time without commercial pressure. Benefactors continue to be key in keeping the work moving incrementally towards manifestation in its wholeness — and to reach its audience through multimedia experiences, books and other inspirational vehicles.

Patronage also takes form in the purchase of original photographs — stunning in their large scale format.

The new Box Set Gallery features two exquisite mythical Box Set portfolios from the SoulScapes series, entitled: Images of Grace and The Serpent's Code. Each Box Set contains 10 prints; all images are available individually in larger size.

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"Evocative of the imagination in their power,
SoulScapes become more than what we see with the eye;
an alchemy takes place, the soul is touched."
Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD

Expressions of gratitude for SoulScapes:

 “I thank you for your artwork, such an important contribution
for those of us who allow it to touch us deeply.
Our world needs the imagery you bring with the messages,
searching and empowerment that each photograph contains.”

“My deepest gratitude to you for your gift of SoulScapes.
The imagery is so evocative —
calling up from the depths of soul the light within,
which is the light of the Universe. To say the least,
it is an inspired work of love that connects us to our life force.”

"Timeless... Magic... Meditative... Pure Poetry."


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