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"The most powerful weapon on earth is
the human soul on fire."
Ferdinand Foch

Choose to Unite is a music video made by Susan Slotter with Eric George (music), Grant Taylor (videography) and a community of souls in Santa Fe on fire for Barack Obama. It was five months in the making, with hundreds of people contributing their time, talent and spirits on a pro bono basis. This was Susan's first foray into writing and producing a song and music video, which kept her on her toes with a 24/7 learning curve! "Actually, it evolved in the same way all forms of SoulScapes have. Once receiving the inspiration — in this case, lyrics for the song — I committed to bring it through, following each next step in the unknown without having any idea what it would look like in the end. I love that the values it embodies poured through in the making of it — diversity, community, unity, love and equality."

View the video on YouTube and go to the song website to read about the making of the work, the lyrics, and Credits for all the people involved!

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Sharing YouTube Comments:

"Your vision brought to bear an extraordinary video which embodies, captivates, and conveys Senator's Obama's vision for this country. I feel honored to have been a part of such a marvelous, inspirational project. Go Obama!"

"Congratulations to all involved in this project, especially visionary artist Susan keeping with the spirit of the Obama campaign, she took on a seemingly impossible task and, armed only with vision, passion and dogged determination, created a thing of's the real rainbow coalition in action!"

"Thank you for the inspiration for change---and the hard, attentive work it needs. And thanks for finding all of those beautiful New Mexicans, dancing and singing, carried along by your own inspiration. Go Obama! Go American voters!!!"

"Love the video and the energy. Makes me want to .... UNITE"

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