Susan Slotter © 2005

The archetypal complexity embedded in this image was "mystically" created in the layering process — images blending together to metamorphose and give entry into other realms/dimensions. The instant Susan saw this blended image, she sensed it came from another place ahead of us that we are moving toward — one that is within us, that we cannot yet see.

While true of all SoulScapes images, Divine Union offers a particularly powerful vehicle for experiential discovery. People have reflected seeing in it symbols, energies and myths from Earth, Water and Sky realms across world traditions. Included in the symbols, formed by the outline of the figures, is the Vesica Pisces – "one of the most profound geometric images of ancient and modern times." The Vesica Pisces represents, among other things, Christ Consciousness, the Divine Feminine, union of God and Goddess.

The Divine Union image embodies balance, peace, dignity, glory, new birth, duality and unity, wholeness and integration, heaven and earth —as above, so below.*

Susan was paricularly impressed when the amazing now retired minister, Sheila Gustafson from Minnesota, studied the image and instantly saw what no one else had yet — the outline of a heart that fills almost half the image!

What symbols do you find in the image?

*A good overview summary of the Vesica PIsces includes a stunning Hubble photograph at the bottom of the page that mirrors the concept "as above, so below."